Sell all kinds of products with Banzee MiniStore

What kind of products can I create?

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Sell your products online

Banzee MiniStore gives you the chance to sell different products through the web.

Tickets for events

One of the options available is to offer ticket sales, for events, concerts, seminars, festivals… Thanks to Banzee MiniStore, you won’t only be able to offer the purchase from your website but you can also promote your event on social networks and offer ticket sales directly from Facebook!

Physical products for shipping

If selling physical products is what you want, you can also count on MiniStore. You will have to include details such as shipping costs. We will also ask buyers for their address so they can receive the product/s.

Downloadable products

Last but not least, an ideal option for those who want to make their online products available: MiniStore offers digital products for download. All you have to do is upload the file that buyers will download once they’ve completed the buying process.