Creating your first MiniStore button

How to create a product

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Start selling online

Creating your first MiniStore button is very simple. You just have to go to the Products screen (where you’ll see them listed later) and click kon Create MiniStore button.

Enter the name and type of button: it can be a physical product for shipping, a digital one or tickets for events, since each of them will feature custom fields.

From draft to published

Your product will be created but it will remain as a draft until you publish it. Click on the Edit button on the right column and enter your product’s details, such as name, description and a very important field: the text you want to appear on the button itself (eg. “Buy now!”).

Your product’s details

Buyers will need to know the product’s price and also the applied taxes and -if it were the case- shipping costs, to know exactly what they’ll pay when they finish the purchase process. You’ll also need to enter your stock limit to avoid problems if your product isn’t available anymore.

Configure your button’s style

Click on Update button to access the button’s style options. Choose the size, color and borders you like the most to make it more attractive for your customers.

Lastly, publish it with a click!