What is Banzee MiniStore?


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Sell online with MiniStore

MiniStore is a Banzee service that allows you to sell products on the web.

With MiniStore, you’ll be able to sell tickets for your events, physical (shipping) products or digital (downloadable) ones. It’s ideal for people who want to sell one or a just a few products without the need to create a big online store.

MiniStore integration

Besides, it can be easily integrated with your website, blog or even your Facebook page, to achieve maximum visibility and allow your friends and customers to buy from different places.

If what you’re looking for is an agency that will develop your custom online store, you can find that here.

  1. How to create a PayPal Business account

    Necessary to receive your MiniStore payments

  2. How to create a product

    Creating your first MiniStore button

  3. How to set up my store

    The first step to create your mini-shop

  4. What features does MiniStore include?

    All that MiniStore has to offer

  5. What kind of products can I create?

    Sell all kinds of products with Banzee MiniStore