Web design for artist Sara Sanz:

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Minimalist design

We wanted the artist’s work to stand out. That’s why we went for a minimalist design, with big images and sliders. With just a glance, you can take a look at Sasah’s latest creations.

The development also allows the artist to update the site very easily, to add new examples of her work, image galleries for her exhibits and latest news.

Sasah responsive site

A showcase website

The internet can be a fantastic shop window. Websites allow you to display all kinds of products, offer information to users and help you increase sales.

For an artist, a website can be a great way to show their latest works and reach customers all around the world, who can get in touch with just a click.

Sasah home on netbook
Homepage design
Sasah website on tablet

A look at the development

If you’re a fan of art or want to take a look at Banzee’s web development (or both), don’t miss Sasah’s website.