Midleton School logo design

Based on Midleton School’s brand identity, we developed a new focus for its star product: the English learning summer camp.

Design features

Custom creative design

A great example of our custom web design for language academies.

We wanted to create a site that would stand out for its visual aspect and its functionality as well, focusing on its target audience: the kids that would be part of the camp and their families too, with an emphasis on the camp’s surroundings: learning and nature.

Midleton custom design
Midleton site on tablet

Content marketing

The idea wasn’t only to focus on making the site visually appealing, but also giving visitors all the information they needed in a glance. That’s why the site counts with a landing page where you can know all about the camp’s features and get in touch with the academy with just a click.

Easy management

Optimized for search engines to achieve maximum visibility and help potential customers – people interested in an English learning summer camp for their kids – come across this fantastic option.

Easy and comfortable information management for the clients to keep the site always updated.

Website management
Banzee responsive design

Responsive design

The website development includes a responsive design so the site is available from all kinds of devices: smartphones, tablets or PCs. This way, everyone interested in taking part in the camp would miss the opportunity to find out about its features and get in touch with the academy.

What about your site: is it responsive?

A new focus for the brand identity

We put our two cents in Midleton School’s most important project, with a modern design focused not only on language learning but also nature and fun!

Banzee web design for summer camp
English summer camp landing page
Midleton summer camp page
Midleton footer design
Midleton responsive website
Contact Midleton camp

The result: a unique design

Take a look at all the details of this custom web design and development for the English learning summer camp visiting the website.