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SEO – Search Engine Optimization


Designs with natural SEO techniques

Good SEO techniques begin with your site’s development. Our designs include a focus on making your website rank high on search engines.

Wether it’s a corporate site or an online store, Banzee’s developments offer an error-free experience to users, which in turn increases your chances to rank higher on Google, to be found more easily and to avoid penalties from the search engine.

SEO developments
Search engine results

Increase traffic to your site

Our keywords analysis will help you know which are the most relevant user searches related to your business area to beat your competitors.

You’ll get quality traffic to your site, helping users interested in your brand and products find you and turning visitors into customers.

We’ll help you include these search terms without exaggerating, in a way that they fully integrate with your website’s content and design.

SEO reports and counseling

From traffic results to your site’s most successful content, detailed stats will help you know the most important facts about your users and customers.

You’ll be able to monitor your web’s results and, whenever you need, we’ll also give you our expert advice to keep improving and making your brand more visible each day.

Mobile stats
Mobile stats

Our SEO services

These are some of the services we offer that can help you improve your internet ranking.

  1. SEO consulting

  1. SEO reports

  1. Market analysis

  1. Competitors analysis

  1. PPC (Pay Per Click)

  1. Adwords campaigns

  1. SEO monitoring

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