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  1. Are your developments tailor-made?

    About Banzee's custom services

  2. How can I become your partner?

    Private label services and affiliates program

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    Help us improve thanks to your opinion

  4. I want to request a quote

    How to get an estimate for your online project

  5. There’s a problem with my website

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  1. E-commerce

    Electronic commerce platforms

  2. ERP

    Enterprise resource planning systems

  3. Marketing

    Marketing and online advertising terms

  4. SEO

    Search Engine Optimization

  5. Web and mobile development

    Web and mobile apps terminology

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  1. How to create a PayPal Business account

    Necessary to receive your MiniStore payments

  2. How to create a product

    Creating your first MiniStore button

  3. How to set up my store

    The first step to create your mini-shop

  4. What features does MiniStore include?

    All that MiniStore has to offer

  5. What kind of products can I create?

    Sell all kinds of products with Banzee MiniStore